Thursday, June 14, 2018

Reddit app auto pulls viral traffic + preserves reputation

GAME CHANGER: Reddit app auto pulls viral traffic + preserves reputation longterm
COMING: 1st ‘All-in-One’ Reddit Traffic & Leads Software
App combines Reddit scheduling + viral video for lasting traffic

[Soon] “Words first” Reddit + Video app for lasting viral traffic
Reddule finds, creates, & schedules viral content to Reddit (1st EVER)

5464 visitors in 5 days w/ new Reddit ‘all-in-one’ app
Reddit is by far the best ‘traffic goldmine’ for marketers, but has been near impossible to crack for internet marketers… until today.

A groundbreaking , solution called ‘Reddule’ is going live w/ Commercial Rights soon that…
#1. Is the first in-depth training and ‘all-in-one’ cloud solution that uses Reddit’s API for passive traffic and leads in any niche…
#2. Simultaneously protects marketer’s Reddit reputation & ‘Reddit Karma’, allowing marketers to seamlessly blend into the community and solving a gigantic issue!

In fact, it’s already generating massive results for users, including 5464 targeted visitors in just 5 days from scratch.
See it in action & register for a fre.e Reddit Traffic webinar now:
What’s All in Reddule?

Some powerful, never before seen features of the Cloud App include:
[+] Keyword Tracking & Email Notification – Reddule scans any subreddit you want for new comments or threads using a keyword of your choice, then emails you the URL for you to reply to for fast hits of targeting traffic
[+] Subreddit research analysis – Reddule find the hottest subreddits for your, then tells you the best time & day of the week to schedule a post for most traffic w/ least effort possible
[+] Know What to Post for Max Traffic – Reddule finds what’s working (& what’s not) in any subreddit so you know exactly what to post for maximum traffic in no time at all

[+] Schedule to Any Subreddit – Create schedules or link or text posts to any subreddit for hyper targeted, fre.e traffic.
[+] Detailed Karma Analytics – Track & boost your Reddit ‘karma’ so you blend in w/ the Reddit community & aren’t seen as just a marketer who will be downvoted
[+] 1-Click Schedule Trending Videos – Find relevant, trending videos from Facebook & YouTube & 1-click schedule them to any SubReddit to build trust & get easy traffic

& far more than that…
Plus, to guarantee you get results, you’ll also get a high-quality course called ‘Reddule Traffic Training’ which you’ll learn things like:
[+] The secret ‘Reddit Funnel’ that hardly anyone uses that can triple your income as soon as it’s set up.
[+] Tricks to find the best, trending ‘SubReddits’ to get fast, easy traffic from

[+] How to avoid being labeled as ‘just another marketer’ & getting your posts downvoted
[+] Ways to ‘go viral’ and make sales, even if you don’t have any content of your own to share
[+] How to put your Reddit traffic on full autopilot
This is perfect for any niche, offline marketers, affiliate marketers, video marketers, & more… offering access to a mega untapped opportunity

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pre-Qualified Business Leads on Autopilot

Pre-Qualified Business Leads on Autopilot!(anyone?.. anyone at all?)
“Interested” Business owners lead on AUTOPILOT! (…who’s in?)
Tomorrow: Interested Leads on Demand! (.. get in early here)

Interested Leads on Autopilot & on demand?
That’s a huge claim ain’t it? (Yeah I thought so too..)
Wait until you see it in action tomorrow… (You’ll agree with me)
But as much as the hype sounds, it’s TRUE!

These guys have done it!
They have created a brand new system from scratch
that allows anyone to tap into over 28 mil
small business owners leads.
Can you imagine the power this gives to marketers like you and me?

Here’s a sneak-peak of what this software can provide you with:
Endless business leads (from virtually any niche!)
Highlights their problems (From Social Media, SEO to Video Marketing problems)
Gives you the solution to fix it for them (outsourcing guide is included)

What used to take me weeks and months, you can now do in minutes.
Imagine what that can do for you.
If you want to get in early on this one, make sure you keep an eye open for tomorrow,s email.

There will be bonuses, there will be tons of reasons, not to sit on the fence and check this out!

Get on the early bird train here:
P.S: And in case you’re wondering …
No hard work was involved.

Again here are the 3 simple steps:
Find business leads
Point out their problems
Offer to fix it for a small fee
Here’s the special Early bird link again

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Grow your List at 3x Speed Your List Building Problem

Grow your List at 3x Speed Your List Building Problem [Solved]
3x More Profits from Same Traffic
Growing one’s list consistently is the Biggest Challenge.

After vigorous testing by Beta users, we can say that there is a solution to this problem..
Presenting LetSlotio, A unique Gamified Way to Build Huge Lists With Fully Featured Lead Gen Slot Machines, proven to give Highest Optin Rate in the entire industry.
The Software literally Plays with Your Visitors Into giving you Their Emails…

With LetSlotio you can:
Have Unlimited LetSlotio Campaigns,
Select Custom weightage out of Each Incentive,
Collect any type of data you want,

Mobile Optimised Wheel,
Advance Show up Conditions,
Do Email Validation,
Countdown Timers and Scarcity Bars,
Have a Custom Brand Logo,

Get Weekly/Monthly Email Reports,
Wordpress Plugin and Deep Shopify Integration,
Zapier Integration,
Youzign Integration,
Campaign Level Autoresponders & Webinar Platforms Integration,
Export Leads to CSV.

This is quite a power packed house..
=> Get LetSlotio at EarlyBird Price
You will also be entitled to these bonuses if you take action today and decide to get LetSlotio from my link
Claim your Bonus and Build your List at 3x Speed

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Levidio Personal branding is LIVE

Levidio Personal branding is LIVE!
Get instanta access to the instant brand
Levidio Personal Branding is a complete combat tool to create professional videos, graphics and website to improve your personal branding faster, precise and efficient here’s what you get inside Levidio Personal Branding

6 personal branding video templates
10 Facebook cover videos for personal branding
10 Facebook static cover for personal branding
6 Instagram stories video templates

6 Instagram contents for personal branding
5 ready-to-print designs for personal branding needs
A complete professional website template for your personal branding purposes

Levidio Personal branding can help:
Entrepreneur to attract more clients
Potential Leaders to publish your performance, vision, and mission Speaker or motivator to create a complete personal information ranging from video to website Or even a job seeker!
You can use levidio personal branding to make your CV more unique and interesting to get your dream job.
Enough? Not yet. There's still a row of super cool bonuses which I have prepared here

So what are you waiting for?
Get levidio personal branding right now Before you run out of the cheapest price.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Forrester confirms that personalized video

Forrester confirms that personalized video has been proven to increase click through rates by up to 985% and when prospects see their face on your videos they’ll be impressed. So impressed they'll practically be begging to sign up for your offer. Personalized video marketing makes a LONG LASTING impression—meaning you’ll make tons more sales. Proven.

Video Personalization technology is used by some of the biggest brands on the planet including: McDonalds, AT&T, Dominos, Nike, Red Bull and even Playboy. It is EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE. Until now, it’s been out of the reach of independent marketers like you because it WAS expensive AND complicated. Thanks to GO - It’s now quick, easy, and an INSANELY good value!

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