Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cloud Prospect Machine

What is "Cloud Prospect Machine" Software? Cloud Prospect Machine is the ultimate system for finding websites that are not mobile optimised. This SAAS can be made to search for business websites that are falling down on one or more of Google's mobile quality rankings. Put simply this means that anyone who has a website that suffers on cell phone and tablet devices will now suffer in the rankings.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Engagifire Review

Have you checked out EngagiFire yet?

EngagiFire that lets you create eye-popping push-notifications, slide-ins, optin forms and exit offers on ANY website - in minutes…
And when I say ANY website - I really mean it...
In fact, you can use EngagiFire to boost conversions on all your Facebook, affiliate, TeeSpring & CPA campaigns - by leveraging the trust and authority of SITES YOU DON'T OWN...
Watch how here =

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tools for the Affiliate Marketer

You can find some interesting things in the below post. If you are going to learn only one thing from these then imagine what difference it can make.

First Tool:
Your Own Website. The most important tool for the affiliate marketers is their own website. The first step to make good affiliate income is a good looking and professional website. You must create a website which can appeal to your website visitors to click on the products' and services' links which you are promoting as an affiliate. Remember that, so many people come online to look for the information about the products, make your website useful to the visitors. People love the content which is helpful to them and they will definitely buy the products and services which you are recommending to them. Posting the quality content can also boost your search engine rankings and you can get plenty of visitors to your website. Also you must do proper On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO to get higher rankings in the Search Engines.

Second Tool:
Incentives advertising is very popular in the internet marketing field. You can give free software, free information e-books OR other valuable products to your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list and you can email them your recommended products and services. Just don't overdo it. The subscribers will un subscribe from your list if you are sending them so many offers. Send the offers which will be useful to them.

Third Tool:
Link Popularity. The other important factor is how much your website is popular. So promote your website through the Social Networks. Make you websites twitter account, make your Business Facebook fan page, make your Business Google 1+ page and boost your website popularity.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Blog Carnival Submitter

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Affiliate Rescuer

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"Discover The Simple Techniques That Will Bring Dirt Cheap and Even 100% Free Traffic To Your Website Within Minutes That Can Have You Profit in Less Than 24 Hours 100% Guaranteed!"
What Is Covered In This:
1)How to start when you have almost no money: bankrupt, broke and on the run,
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3)How to promote affiliate products online – the right way,
4)How to get preferential treatment from merchants. I will show you how to negotiate higher commissions from merchants - without sounding needy. These methods are pretty evil, if I say so myself...
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